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US Sailing Enrollment

US Sailing with the support of Gowrie Group is proud to be able to continue to offer you the trusted health coverage available through GeoBlue.

Renewing Members - 2018/2019 Enrollment & Coverage

If you are currently on the US Sailing BCBS Global Expat plan from GeoBlue, your enrollment process will include extending your current plan and enrolling in US Sailing GeoBlue Navigator.

US Sailing BCBS Global Expat -

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US Sailing GeoBlue Navigator -

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New Members - 2018/2019 Enrollment & Coverage

Select your levels of coverage and complete an application for US Sailing GeoBlue Navigator, each application is medically underwritten.

US Sailing GeoBlue Navigator -

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To purchase or renew coverage now, please enter your Member ID and complete the section below

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You must be a member of US Sailing and satisfy one of the below criteria to be eligible for this plan

I am a current US Sailing Certified Instructor or Coach

I am a current Collegiate Sailing athlete

I am a member of the US Sailing Team

I am paid as Crew or Captain for racing or transport in 2018/2019

I am a sailor cruising or competing internationally

New enrollment or a renewal

(Note: only choose 'renewal' if you were previously enrolled with this same plan)

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